Ajit Singh

Solution Architect with core expertise in Mobility. Having vast hands-on experience in various mobile technologies like React Native, iOS, Android, etc.


Design and Write Code the Swift Way!

By Ajit Singh February 15, 2017

Swift is quickly growing as one of the top programming languages because of its safe memory management, strong typing, generics, etc.


Digital Transformation: Shaping a Solutioning Mindset

By Ajit Singh January 12, 2017

GlobalLogic's AVP of Engineering provides insights on how digital transformation is changing the software engineering market and what service providers need to do to adapt to this evolving…


Best Practices for Writing Secure Code for Mobile Apps (Part 2)

By Ajit Singh October 12, 2016

Debug logs reveal a lot of information about your app, such as its interaction with servers.


Best Practices for Writing Secure Code for Mobile Apps (Part 1)

By Ajit Singh October 7, 2016

Security continues to make apps running on mobile devices vulnerable; note especially the increase of mobile web browser-based hacking.


Essential Aspects to Consider While Designing Mobile Apps

By Ajit Singh October 3, 2016

Like all unique software environments, mobile applications also have a unique set of environmental constraints.