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Dr. Jim Walsh

Dr. Jim Walsh

  • United States
  • Dr. Walsh leads GlobalLogic's Technical Advisory Services group, helping transform companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 50.

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12 Secrets of Digital Transformation: Part 9

Dr. Jim Walsh
April 3, 2018

Secret #9: Get Help. A third-party implementation partner can help you be more effective as a change agent within your…

12 Secrets of Digital Transformation: Part 8

Dr. Jim Walsh
March 28, 2018

In most organizations, waiting to achieve full consensus on anything is a prescription for failure, so expect misalignment in the…

Collaborating Autonomous Systems

Dr. Jim Walsh
March 23, 2018

Current software trends, such as Microservices, are trending in a very interesting direction: that of collaborating autonomous systems. Dr. Jim…

12 Secrets of Digital Transformation: Parts 6 & 7

Dr. Jim Walsh
February 27, 2018

Don't forget the "easy" stuff during the digital transformation process, and be realistic about your company, yourself, and your peers.

12 Secrets of Digital Transformation: Part 5

Dr. Jim Walsh
February 14, 2018

It’s hard for many companies to move from a “project" (time-limited) to a “product" (ongoing development) mindset — but this…