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Shrikant Vashishtha

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Customer Success Over Customer Satisfaction

Shrikant Vashishtha
August 22, 2016

Digitalization of papers, evolvement of streaming media, explosion of mass content creation, on-demand access to various content: we are now…

Which Software Metrics to Choose, and Why?

Shrikant Vashishtha
July 11, 2016

Sometimes people just look for an available or known set of metrics and then add more as and when they…

Distributed Agile Patterns: Defining Overlap Time

Shrikant Vashishtha
April 20, 2016

Distributed Agile teams are the reality these days, so how can teams mitigate communication issues due to significant time zone…

The Open Secret of Agile Success

Shrikant Vashishtha
March 10, 2016

Even after a team implements the key components of Agile, they can still face issues during a project. Why?

Why IoT Hasn’t Already Happened

Shrikant Vashishtha
November 20, 2015

It can get frustrating to look at a technology that’s so ripe to change the world and not see anything…