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Vlad Tkachuk

Vlad Tkachuk

Marketing and PR manager
  • Ukraine
  • Vlad Tkachuk is Marketing and PR of GlobalLogic Ukraine and responsible for communication and brand building of GlobalLogic

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The R&D Potential of Ukraine

Vlad Tkachuk
October 5, 2015

Sir Peter Bonfield (Board member of Ericsson, Sony, NXP, and GlobalLogic) speaks about the R&D potential of Ukraine

How to Build the Biggest Lab in Ukraine

Vlad Tkachuk
July 2, 2015

Avid is one of GlobalLogic's largest clients, delivering audio and video production solutions, media content storage, broadcasting and news production…

Brewing Innovation One Cup at a Time

Vlad Tkachuk
January 16, 2015

As a global software engineering firm with offices all around the world — and therefore 24×7 operations — we have…