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Predictive Hiring (Or How to Make an Offer Twice as Fast)

Ievgen Palamarchuk
August 10, 2018

By using a predictive hiring approach instead of a traditional approach, GlobalLogic Ukraine has been able improve the hiring process for both our engineers and our customers.

The Business of a City is Everyone’s Business

Brett Macfarlane
July 5, 2017

Cities are the original sharing economy — a sharing ecosystem in practice founded on a cost-orientated logic where services and infrastructure are collectively funded through taxes and fees.

Magisto: Developing a Small Multimedia Startup Inside a Big Company

Oleksandr Odukha
March 23, 2017

About 300 hours of video are being uploaded onto YouTube every minute, but how many of them have informational or aesthetic value?

Filmmaking: a project management case study for software development

Manoj Agrawal
November 30, 2016

Senior Engineering Consultant Manoj Agrawal talks about his journey with filmmaking -- from technology to processes -- from a developer's perspective.

Which Software Metrics to Choose, and Why?

Shrikant Vashishtha
July 11, 2016

Sometimes people just look for an available or known set of metrics and then add more as and when they discover anything new. But does it really make…