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Identifying Parameters for Mobile Application Profiling

Abhishek Gedam
June 22, 2019

Mobile apps often have many screens and features, so how do you know where to look when there’s a performance issue? Learn the fastest, most efficient way to…

12 Secrets of Digital Transformation: Part 1

Dr. Jim Walsh
December 24, 2017

What differentiates a software product company from other businesses is not whether they make software or not; rather it’s the realization by product companies that the software IS…

Design and Write Code the Swift Way!

Ajit Singh
February 15, 2017

Swift is quickly growing as one of the top programming languages because of its safe memory management, strong typing, generics, etc.

Best Practices for Writing Secure Code for Mobile Apps (Part 2)

Ajit Singh
October 12, 2016

Debug logs reveal a lot of information about your app, such as its interaction with servers.

Best Practices for Writing Secure Code for Mobile Apps (Part 1)

Ajit Singh
October 7, 2016

Security continues to make apps running on mobile devices vulnerable; note especially the increase of mobile web browser-based hacking.