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We are advocates of knowledge sharing – so we encourage our talented engineers and designers to their experiences and insights with the world. 


IoT Security Concepts

Let us first start by defining security in an Internet


DevOps Implementation in Brownfield Projects

GlobalLogic sees it as a set of actions, less technical-transforming and more organizational-advancing


Microservices Test Automation: BDD With Cucumber JVM

Integration test cases are expected to be executed after deployment on QA environments on microservices.


REST API Security

Modern businesses need multiple channels and interfaces to develop end user needs via mobile apps, web applications


Smart Homes: A Deep Dive

The home automation market is very fragmented. Every vendor has different standards and platforms.


NFV MANO Overview

NFV aims to transform existing ways of working on the architecture of the networks


Next Generation Reference Architecture for Telcos

The telecom industry is changing. Customers are empowered and always connected.


Mobile Application Architecture: React Native with Redux

the user interface only constitutes a part of the overall application functionality.


A Review of React Native for Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

The world has gone mobile! Enterprise applications need mobile for anywhere/anytime access.

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