Tu automotive

GlobalLogic will be hosting one-on-one meetings in the Meeting Room Village (Room #9) at TU Automotive 2019 in Detroit, MI. Request a meeting with one of our automotive experts to schedule a personal consultation about how we can help accelerate your automotive projects. Come see firsthand how we’re driving innovation for OEMs, Tier 1 Suppliers, and After Market Service Providers using the latest technologies such as AR/VR, image recognition, virtualization, and more.

Scheduled Demonstrations

Virtual Cockpit
Our virtual cockpit that enables vehicles to simultaneously run a Linux OS and Android OS on a single SoC without impacting either system’s functionality, security, or reliability.

Smart City Simulation
We developed a smart city simulation that uses V2X technology to enable better decision-making, precision, and consistency. The architecture enables quick expansion with various use-cases and underlying hardware.

Augmented Reality Logistics Hub
Our AR-based solution offers truck docking station operators a new way to interact with their stations. Operators can utilize a hologram to view real-time information on each truck and even send remote commands to them.

V2X Communication
We took a microservices approach to edge computing to significantly enhance vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Our solution enables vehicles to “talk” to each other much more quickly and efficiently.

Driver Monitoring
We developed an AI-based solution that can recognize a driver’s face, personalize their car settings, and even monitor their attention and emotional state