Healthcare Reimagined with Tech

Chronic diseases and the monitoring they require have changed how healthcare is delivered in the digital age. To digitally transform businesses, innovate products, or build a digital platform, they need a different partner.

Reimagine Healthcare with Innovation & Technology

The growing prevalence of chronic diseases has necessitated continuous monitoring of vital signs, creating tectonic shifts in how healthcare is delivered in the digital age. Furthermore, patients are empowered to monitor and manage their routine healthcare needs with minimal or no medical intervention. And this shift provides tremendous opportunities and challenges in the near and long term. As a result, organizations are racing against time to develop implants, wearables devices, and companion apps. They are further increasingly leveraging the power of digital technologies, AI/ML, mobile and other cognitive technologies to offer integrated patient management while delivering better and faster healthcare at a lower cost. However, the challenge is that traditional software development methodologies cannot address the healthcare industry’s unique needs. As a leading player with more than 20 years of experience in regulated software product development and engineering services, GlobalLogic helps some of the world’s leading Medical Technology, Medical Devices, Clinical Research and Diagnostics organizations create world-class patient, caregiver, and clinician experiences.

Digitization Is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

COVID-19 disruption, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and the increasing number of patients managing their own healthcare have accelerated digital advancements in healthcare. Explore this insightful whitepaper to gain greater insight into how the tectonic shifts in the healthcare industry will drive changes in medical device/IVD software development, digital health platforms, healthcare information exchanges (HIEs), internet of medical things (IoMT) and smart healthcare systems, telehealth, and health data intelligence and diagnostics (HDID).

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Recent Insights

Finding Your Way Though the Digital Disruption of MedTech

To thrive in an ever-changing environment, organizations must consider how to reengineer the patient experience and leverage their data to build stronger partnerships with patients, payors, and providers. Companies taking the lead will be those that can navigate increasingly turbulent markets via five key capabilities: Tapping into the changing ecosystem, shifting to a connected-health model, capturing technology talent, flexible go-to-market strategy, and digital leadership. Learn how companies are taking advantage of third-party services from companies like AWS, Microsoft, and Google, to adapt to meet global regulations.

    6 Questions to Guide Picking a Software Engineering Partner

    Organizations are racing to create software and digital experiences that will help to deliver better and faster healthcare at lower costs. At the same time, they want to stay relevant and differentiated while unlocking new business value and revenue streams. As a result, more and more medical technology, life sciences, and healthcare businesses realize they need a robust software engineering and product development partner. If this is the path you are exploring, what will make your partnerships successful? Download this guide to learn more about the six primary questions you should ask when selecting a software engineering partner.

      Partnerships That Create World-Class Digital Patient Experience

      The world鈥檚 leading Medical Technology, Healthcare, and Life Sciences organizations are continuously seeking new ways to improve the quality and increase the value of the care they bring to their patients. Digital transformation is key to helping organizations cut down costs, increase access to care delivery, and improve medical care. These transformations are happening today in a variety of areas.

      Digitizing and automating legacy manual processes can provide organizations with unprecedented scalability to fuel growth. Embedding data management software and enabling connectivity for medical devices can make data more readily and rapidly available to be analyzed, creating opportunities for product innovation. And creating a user-friendly mobile app that communicates with a patient鈥檚 medical therapy device can increase patient engagement, enabling much better patient performance, improving patient satisfaction, and helping the patient complete their therapy faster.

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