Healthcare Reimagined with Tech

Chronic diseases and their required monitoring have changed how healthcare is delivered in the digital age. To digitally transform businesses, innovate products, or build a digital platform, you need a different partner.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Experiences with Technology

Though chronic diseases are growing in prevalence, vital signs monitoring has proven effective in improving outcomes and empowering patients to manage their routine healthcare more effectively. This tectonic shift in how healthcare is delivered in the digital age presents exciting opportunities for healthcare organizations to develop implants, wearables devices, and companion apps.  

Traditional software development methodologies cannot address the modern healthcare industry’s unique needs. As an innovation and technology partner with more than 20 years of experience in regulated software product development and engineering services, GlobalLogic helps some of the world’s leading Medical Technology, Medical Device, Clinical Research, and Diagnostics organizations create world-class patient, caregiver, and clinician experiences.

Explore the Future of Healthcare

Pandemic-related disruption, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and patients increasingly managing their healthcare have accelerated digital advancements in the field. See how this evolution of the healthcare industry will drive changes in medical device/IVD software development, digital health platforms, healthcare information exchanges (HIEs), internet of medical things (IoMT) and smart healthcare systems, telehealth, and health data intelligence and diagnostics (HDID).

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Healthcare Innovation in Action

Looking for Specific Healthcare Solutions, Products & Platforms?

GlobalLogic partners with some of the world’s leading Medical Device, Medical Technology, Clinical Research, and In Vitro Diagnostics organizations to create world-class patient, caregiver, and clinician experiences. Our services help your organization bring products to market faster, uncover and capture new revenue streams, and transform healthcare through technology and innovation. Here’s how.

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The world’s leading Medical Technology, Medical Devices, CRSs, and IVD/Diagnostics companies are continuously seeking new ways to improve the quality and increase the value of the care they bring to their patients. Organizations are leveraging digital technologies to cut down costs, increase access to care delivery, and improve medical care today in a variety of areas. GlobalLogic has helped customers develop solutions ranging from medical devices and Software as Medical Devices to patient therapy devices, connected health systems, and digital healthcare platforms.


The benefits of technological innovation in healthcare include improved patient experiences, safer medication delivery, reduced costs and time to market for new medical devices, more accurate diagnoses via better patient data analysis, and more.

Read the blog post Rise of the New Healthcare Paradigm for more.

Digital transformation in healthcare is an exciting space evolving rapidly, thanks to AI and machine learning, cloud computing, the IoMT, and improved healthcare data analysis and security services, among other factors. Today, healthcare technologies are driving major improvements in clinical records, patient monitoring, disease diagnosis,

Learn more in our whitepaper, How Digitization Is Changing Medtech, Life Sciences, and Healthcare.

A complex regulatory environment, legacy mindsets and technical models, and rapidly evolving healthcare consumer needs are just a few of the challenging issues healthcare and life sciences brands encounter in innovation. See The Biggest Challenges for Deploying Innovation in Healthcare Organizations to keep reading.

Sound processing software that enables clinicians to tune and adjust settings for device performance personalized to each patient is one example of SaMD. Another is a wearable device such as a smartwatch used to monitor patient health, collect biometric data, and analyze patient outcomes.

You can learn more about these technologies in this medical device software development guide.

Healthcare technology is transforming clinician and patient experiences with embedded medical devices. Technology-enabled devices can be updated in the field, monitor vital functions and relay patient data back to the clinician, provide a user-friendly interface for patients, and more.

See examples of medical software development for embedded devices here.

Connected devices are revolutionizing consumer experiences in all sectors, and healthcare is no exception. Remote patient monitoring, patient and medication tracking, patient data transmission to clinicians, quality control sensors in pharmaceutical shipments, and robotic surgeries are just a few of the outcomes made possible by the IoMT.

You can explore two ways connected device technology transformed healthcare businesses and experiences in these IoMT case studies.

Smart healthcare systems and companion apps dynamically connect information, people, and systems across the spectrum of healthcare. Smart healthcare improves clinician and patient experiences by facilitating and improving fall monitoring, medication refrigeration, medical device asset management, patient-practitioner communication and telehealth, and data collection and analysis, to cite just a few examples.

Explore specific use cases for smart healthcare systems here.

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