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NFV MANO Overview

NFV aims to transform existing ways of working on the architecture of the networks


Next Generation Reference Architecture for Telcos

The telecom industry is changing. Customers are empowered and always connected.


Mobile Application Architecture: React Native with Redux

the user interface only constitutes a part of the overall application functionality.


A Review of React Native for Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

The world has gone mobile! Enterprise applications need mobile for anywhere/anytime access.


IoT Platforms for the Health Care Industry

We have seen the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the health care sector and


Best Practices for OTT Channel Design Using Roku SceneGraph

Over the last ten years the concept of what we consider television has been evolving at an increasingly rapid pace.


Digital Transformation in the Telecommunications Industry

People are becoming more and more dependent on communications networks for both business and personal use.


Microservice Architecture: API Gateway Considerations

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, customers are more demanding than ever and


Serverless Architecture: Evolution of a New Paradigm

Serverless Architecture – in literal words means an architecture without servers.

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