Jay Salagundi

Jay Salagundi

VP - Sales Leader - Financial Services

Jay Salagundi brings over 30 years of experience in delivering digital transformation solutions to companies in the BFSI and FinTech sectors. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with clients across retail banks, investment banks, insurance carriers, wealth management firms, and FinTech organizations.

Jay has played a pivotal role in establishing and expanding Harman Connected Services' Digital IT Services Portfolio. Currently, he focuses on harnessing cloud, analytics, and user experience technologies to cater to financial services customers across the North American market.

Before joining Harman Connected Services, Jay made significant contributions to Wipro, where he managed a solutions portfolio across the BFSI sector, encompassing banking, financial services, securities, capital markets, and insurance.

Jay is passionate about understanding various business processes within the BFSI sector and finding solutions to the many challenges faced by modern financial institutions.

In his leisure time, Jay is an avid traveler and hiker. He enjoys sharing his experiences and expertise through blogs, where he discusses the latest trends and innovations in the world of financial services.

Jay Salagundi
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