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GlobalLogic’s expertise in both Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and enterprise-level analytics tools, enable us to help our customers (and our customers’ customers) turn Big Data into usable knowledge through customized products and services. Big Data analytics software gives businesses new capabilities that were previously only available to governments and the largest corporations. From predicting market outcomes to better understanding consumer patterns, we help both ISVs and enterprises develop the products and services that transform this Big Data into usable knowledge, which enables smarter decisions and more engaging user experiences.

Big data analytics

Applying Context To Content

GlobalLogic collaborates with businesses to apply context to structured and unstructured data through complex Big Data services.

Data Transformation & Enrichment

APIs & Export Interfaces

End-to-end Security & Encryption

DLM (Data Lifecycle Management)

DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Data Mining, Analytics, & Modeling

Work Examples

Content filtering & mapping

Content Filtering & Mapping for Desired Search Results

This Silicon valley technology giant is one of the most popular search engine organizations around the globe. They partnered with GlobalLogic in 2018 to ensure the sanctity, precision, suitability and compliance nature of the online content.

Annotation for sports analytics

Annotation for Sports Analytics

We provide meaningful context and a frame of reference to Machine Learning Models through Annotation and Labeling - by turning live broadcast feed into training datasets to be fed into smart Sports Analytics algorithms. GlobalLogic annotators analyze sports event videos and record and label key events as they occur. This provides detailed, labeled information which can then be used for advanced analytics on games like Hockey and Football, changing the way teams analyze performance and recruit players.



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