When time and talent are in short supply, our Engineering Labs give you everything you need to move forward and achieve your ambitions in a turn-key fashion.


Leave the Heavy Lifting to GlobalLogic

When necessary, we set up a self-contained software development lab for our clients. Our experts shorten the time needed to find the right talent and establish a highly productive and economical software development environment.

GlobalLogic Labs delivers brilliant digital product solutions, with impeccable design and superior end-user experiences. By creating a stable foundation for your development teams, you will obtain measurable outcomes at a lower overall cost.

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The Best Of All Worlds

GlobalLogic Labs provide organizations with capabilities, experiences, connections, and innovation using full transparency, flexibility, and control of an in-house development team to deliver PLM solutions.

Dedicated Teams, Infrastructure, and Support Functions

Alignment to Customer Policies, Procedures, and Culture

Governance & Reporting

Full Transparency & Control of Lab Operations

KPI Calculations & Risk/Reward Analysis

Lab Maturity Computation

Work Examples

Content classification

Creating Rich Shopping Experience with Content Classification

The customer is one of the most popular and advanced technology companies in the world. They partnered with GlobalLogic in 2013 to streamline their e-Commerce business and improve the experience for the end users. The end customers are constantly shopping and comparing prices online between different vendors. The customer’s mission was to make every information organized and make it universally accessible and useful with a huge focus on innovation, retention and user experience.

Content filtering & mapping

Content Filtering & Mapping for Desired Search Results

This Silicon valley technology giant is one of the most popular search engine organizations around the globe. They partnered with GlobalLogic in 2018 to ensure the sanctity, precision, suitability and compliance nature of the online content.

Annotation for sports analytics

Annotation for Sports Analytics

We provide meaningful context and a frame of reference to Machine Learning Models through Annotation and Labeling - by turning live broadcast feed into training datasets to be fed into smart Sports Analytics algorithms. GlobalLogic annotators analyze sports event videos and record and label key events as they occur. This provides detailed, labeled information which can then be used for advanced analytics on games like Hockey and Football, changing the way teams analyze performance and recruit players.

Damage detector model for car manufacturing companies min

Damage Detector Model for car manufacturing companies

The client is one of the largest financial services companies in the world. Their objective was to develop world class AI & ML models for their various products for which machines are required to be trained using high quality and unbiased datasets achieved through human evaluation process.

Delivering efficiency gains for ai & ml driven projects min

Delivering efficiency gains for AI & ML driven projects

The customer is one of the largest American multinational technology companies in the world that envisions and creates products and tools of the future for billions of users. For AI & ML driven products, machine learning algorithms are created and improvised through high quality and unbiased datasets via human evaluation or judgement.

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