Protecting data from potential risks


In today’s digitally connected world, security has greater significance than ever before. We collaborate with our customers to secure their products and services, and ensure that they maintain a high level of security.


Creating a Secure Foundation

Security breaches cost organizations millions of dollars every single year. It is no longer a choice, but a necessity, to protect your business’ reputation and prevent serious legal issues.

At GlobalLogic, we believe and follow security-first approach to help our customers in securing products and services from the initial stage.

We have a strong global team of security engineers with experience in building 50+ security products. We help customers to secure the physical layer to data layers and have expertise from embedded to the cloud.

Security Assessment

Security Architecture Advisory

Secure Development Lifecycle

Case Study - Innovative Interfaces

Work Examples

Content classification

Creating Rich Shopping Experience with Content Classification

The customer is one of the most popular and advanced technology companies in the world. They partnered with GlobalLogic in 2013 to streamline their e-Commerce business and improve the experience for the end users. The end customers are constantly shopping and comparing prices online between different vendors. The customer’s mission was to make every information organized and make it universally accessible and useful with a huge focus on innovation, retention and user experience.

Product title curation

Search enablement for Visually challenged shoppers

The customer is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. They partnered with GlobalLogic in 2018 with an aim to cater to and improve the end-user experience of all kinds of audiences in the US shopping domain. The customer’s mission was to recurate product titles for an accurate and quicker response.

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