Driving innovation

From satellite radio that lets you stream your favorite music to GPS systems that help you navigate a new city, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems are constantly evolving to enhance the driving experience. IVIs are also improving driver safety through features like hands-free talk, roadside assistance, and vehicle diagnostics. With all the different capabilities now expected of an IVI system, manufacturers must be able to work within multiple technologies while also complying with the stringent regulations of the automotive industry.

How GlobalLogic helps

GlobalLogic combines expertise across multiple technologies and capabilities — from embedded development to UX/UI design — to create truly expansive IVI systems. For example, our experience with telematic service delivery platforms enables us to build and integrate cloud-based and on-premises solutions that support asset management, remote operations, and telematic data collection. We even have a proprietary solution accelerator that enables us to develop IVI systems on new-generation platforms like Android. (Learn more about our automotive-grade Android platform here.) Furthermore, our memberships with future-thinking organizations like the GENIVI Alliance and the Linux Foundation means we are always informed on the latest IVI trends and technologies.

Our expertise

  • ARM virtualization
  • Boot time optimization (Android/Linux)
  • Early rearview camera availability
  • Connectivity services: Bluetooth, Miracast, MirrorLink, WiFi
  • Multimedia entertainment: satellite radio, rear-seat television, radio/CD
  • Navigation systems
  • IVI HMI design
  • Location-based services: roadside assistance
  • Integration protocols: REST, SOAP, MQTT
  • Vehicle data collection: location, telematics, driving performance
  • Remote operations on vehicles: door lock/unlock, pre-conditioning
  • Assets onboarding and management
  • DRM enforcement
  • Care and assistance integration
  • End-to-end performance and load testing
  • Carrier-grade deployment and operational support