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 Gl cafe assets Webinar

GlobalLogic Cafe: Consumer Analytics — Metrics for Success on OTT Platforms

By GlobalLogic

Big Data & AnalyticsOTTMedia

Today’s OTT providers need to acquire a deeper understanding of the consumer habits & choices, monitor user behavior across platforms, continuously measure metrics that matter for a better subscriber retention and minimizing churn rate.

 Digital leadership web Webinar

GlobalLogic Cafe: Digital Leadership — Creating a (Software) Product Driven Organization 

By GlobalLogic

AgileDevOpsDigital TransformationExperience DesignInsightsPerspectiveRecruitment & HiringTechnology

A (software) product driven organization delivers value through software and challenges the current structure and legacy approaches to IT and product development.

 Digitalization energy utilities Blog

Digitalization in the Energy & Utilities Sector

By Yana Arnautova

Big Data & AnalyticsCloudManufacturing and Industrial

Let's talk about about why energy and utilities companies are becoming more data-driven and moving faster to the cloud.

 Cross site scripting White Paper

Cross-Site Scripting

By Ankit Tripathi

SecurityCommunicationsFinancial ServicesHealthcareMediaTechnology

What is Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), how is it used in attacks, what are the commonly used vectors, and how can you prevent XSS attacks? Learn more here.

 New White Paper

6 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Software Engineering Partner

By GlobalLogic

Digital TransformationInsightsTechnology

More businesses are realizing they need a software engineering partner in order to grow — both in terms of size and scale, as well as product / service / feature offerings.

 Ott personalization White Paper

OTT Personalization

By Bhushan Balki

AI and MLOTTCommunicationsMediaTechnology

Over-The-Top (OTT) media platform viewership has grown with COVID-19. Learn how to focus on personalization for increased customer acquisition and engagement.

 Agile transformation White Paper

Agile Transformation of the Modern Enterprise with the Advent of LCAP/NCAP Solutions

By Nitin Unni

ArchitectureDigital TransformationTesting and QATechnology

The increasing need for agile digital transformation and market realities has positioned LCAP/NCAP solutions as a game-changer for modern enterprises.

 Machine learning.jpg White Paper

Architecture Compliance with ArchUnit

By Ashutosh Gupta


Automating your architecture compliance workflow can save organizations valuable time and improve quality. Ashutosh Gupta, Sr. Solution Architect, explains how.

 Ai and ml in claims processing White Paper

AI/ML in Claims Processing

By Akansha Jain, Prachi Dwivedi, and Sneha Parihar

AI and MLTechnology

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are transforming the insurance industry. Learn about the impact of telematics, chatbots, and more.

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