My Intro to the Amazing Partnership Between the US Paralympics and the Telecom Industry

By Sameer Tikoo

GlobalLogic attended—and sponsored—the “best networking event in the telecom industry,” the Adaptive Spirit Annual Event 2022. And it lived up to its reputation.

Tesla Platform vs Purpose Built Car — 3 Years Later

By Dr. Jim Walsh

Does my Tesla continue to evolve and delight me after three years of ownership? Yes, and here's why.

Developer Platform as a CSP Revenue Stream for B2B and B2B2X Opportunities

By Vijaya Kotwani

Read about the best way to incorporate a developer platform with 5G to increase CSP revenue streams and collaboration across industries.

Defining the North Star for Digital Telco

By Senthil Kumar

Telcos have a tremendous opportunity ahead of them with the capabilities of 5G, SDN, NFV, IoT, AI, and ML technologies. GlobalLogic Telecom's service portfolio uses the critical business imperatives outlined above as its foundation.

Financial Wellness

By Jolly Sharma, Harish Kumar, Firoz Khan, Paresh Shrivastava

Financial wellness is achievable with the right insight and planning. Learn more about the strategic methods and financial planning tools available.

Understanding the SOAR Canvas of Cybersecurity

By Nimasha Jain

SIEM tools are not proactive enough for today’s cyber threats. See how the four engines of SOAR platforms can empower security analysts for a new era.

Best Practices for Managing Video Streaming Platforms

By Aftab Sheikh

Learn how to reduce expenses and improve video users’ experience with video encoding, compression, and packaging tips for OTT and IPTV.

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