GlobalLogic Cafe: Covidility — Agility in Times of COVID-19

By GlobalLogic

Learn how to embrace agility in the times of COVID-19, which has made remote collaboration an integral part of an organization’s basic hygiene.

The What, Why and How of Indoor Mapping

By Lavanya Challa

The way we visualize and experience indoor spaces is changing drastically, and it is today’s organizations and establishments that are leading the charge.

Optimizing Your Microservices Architecture with Auto-Scaling


In this white paper, we examine the different auto-scaling methods involved in event-centric microservices architecture to help businesses optimize their processes.

The Economics of Digital Transformation

By Dr. Jim Walsh

Learn about the three most prominent approaches to digital transformation and how to select the best one based on your business' technical, operational, and economic variables.

Beyond Digital Transformation

By Krishna Singh

We predict the top 6 trends that will take businesses beyond digital transformation over the next 5-7 years.

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