Jira Service Management 4.15.x release notes

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Mindville Insight is now included in Jira Service Management Data Center

Mindville Insight is a powerful app for asset and configuration management that lets you create and manage your IT and business assets, and interact with them through requests, incidents, changes, and more. Whether it鈥檚 hardware, software, or office equipment, you can see everything you own at a glance and categorize it in a clear way.

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See what you own at a glance

Assign mobile phones, laptops, and other equipment to specific employees and link them to the locations they鈥檙e based in so you can quickly solve requests.

Define your business services and their dependencies such as hosts, databases, application software and more, so you can see your whole infrastructure and understand it in detail.

Interact with your assets

Whenever you need to make a change, a major incident hits, or a service request comes in, you can link the asset in your issue, so that people working on it get instant context and know all the relevant details.

Insight Discovery on the house

If you don鈥檛 feel like adding your assets manually, Insight Discovery will help you gather data from all hosts and devices on your network, pulling it all into the Mindville Insight database. We鈥檙e making this app available to download for free for Data Center users of Insight. You can get it from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Get Insight 鈥 Asset Management

Insight 鈥 Asset Management is integrated into Jira Service Management Data Center 4.15. For customers using Jira Service Management Data Center 4.14 or earlier, the Insight 鈥 Asset Management app is available for free from the Atlassian Marketplace.

If you鈥檙e a server customer and already have Insight 鈥 Asset Management, you can continue to renew your license. If you don鈥檛 already have a license you鈥檒l need to upgrade to Data Center to get the app.

Customer portal improvements

Step up your style with the new Help Center鈥

The help center, or the portal of portals as some of us like to call it, is the first place customers go to to troubleshoot, submit requests, and get an idea of what help is on offer. First impressions count, so why not make them even better?

Jira service management 4 15 2

Your customers can now get an overview of available portals, neatly presented as cards, and use the quick summary to choose the right one, without getting off track. They can also sort by popularity or alphabetical order, and still get to keep features they鈥檙e familiar with, like a list of recent requests.

鈥nd express yourself better in your requests

With the new rich text editor, you can make the contents of your requests (and comments) look more clear and professional. The usual underline, strikethrough or italics will add emphasis to your words, while headings and lists will help you structure them, so they鈥檙e easy to read.

Jira service management 4 15 3

With instant visual feedback on what you type, you鈥檒l make sure your requests look good.

Once you鈥檙e done, let the voting begin!

You can also allow customers to vote for their favorite requests directly in the customer portal. Until now, voting was available only for agents or people with accounts on your Jira instance, which might have excluded many of your customers or users who interacted only with the portal.

Jira service management 4 15 4

Now, project admins can enable voting for their project separately. Thanks to this, you can keep voting disabled for requests that don鈥檛 need it, and let the votes flow for more interactive ones, like an annual team event for your employees or better coffee beans (preferably the ones from Australia) in the kitchen. Go ahead and check it out in聽Project settings > Customer permissions.

Official mobile support for your service projects

After thoroughly testing it in our beta program, Atlassian is now ready to bring official support for Jira Service Management to their mobile app. They鈥檝e fixed plenty of bugs, made even more improvements, but it鈥檚 finally here, waiting for you and your team.

Jira service management 4 15 5

You can view your service projects in the same Jira Server mobile app you鈥檝e been using for other Jira applications (available for iOS and Android) and stay up-to-date with anything that鈥檚 going on with your requests, wherever you go

Improved data insights, now also for Jira Service Management

Atlassian started providing admins and data analysts the ability to export current state data from Jira Core and Jira Software. Now, this also includes data specific to Jira Service Management.

You can extract current state data from Jira and Jira Service Management via API, and feed it into your existing business intelligence platform (like Tableau or PowerBI) so you can:

  • generate reports and visualizations of your users鈥 activity
  • provide organization leaders with a better understanding of how their teams use Jira Service Management
  • make better decisions on optimizing the use of Jira Service Management


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