New: Epic Subtask Issue Viewer App

Epic Subtask Issue Viewer App helps with both classic & next-gen projects

The GlobalLogic team is pleased to announce the development of a new Atlassian Marketplace app called “Epic Subtask Issue Viewer.” In this article, we will introduce some of the main features of the Epic Subtask Issue Viewer app, which was developed by our developers with love and care for JIRA users.

Create an overview of your project’s Epic subtasks

GlobalLogic’s Epic Subtask Issue Viewer makes all subtasks of an Epic main task visible to you at a glance. This gives you a better overview of a task’s progress, as well any challenges within the team. You can also sort issue fields that are particularly important to you. All functionalities are briefly explained in the following overview:

Improved visibility of Epics

Who doesn’t want an enhanced view of Epic subtasks and their progress levels? The Epic Subtask Issue Viewer consolidates all subtasks related to the main Epic tasks into one place.

Compact and dynamic

The Epic Subtask Issue Viewer leverages the power of a dynamic table to bring the most relevant information about each subtask to the forefront by sorting key issue fields, such as status or priority.

Quick search

Need a list of open subtasks and don’t want to spend time writing a custom JQL (Jira Query Language)? This is no longer a problem. Simply click the “Search” button on the right side of the app’s panel to find the information you need.

Make your progress visible

Epic Subtask Issue Viewer is a plug-and-play application designed to bring clarity to Epic’s subtask layer. Therefore, make sure that the Epic issue type is included in your project. The progress bar for Epic subtasks is on the first line of the Epic Issue view to keep you informed of any changes. Reporters and assignees — the main contributors to the issue work — are visible by default as usual. Many other features now help make your work even more efficient.

New features:

  • Make your meetings even more efficient with sorting options that summarize the most relevant information help.
  • No need for complex configurations! Subtasks are available directly in the Epics Issue view if the Epic Issue type is included in a project.
  • Use smart tooltip functions to show more information (e.g., what is the main task of the subtask, or what is the priority of a symbol).
  • With “Quick Search,” it is possible to find all open subtasks with one click and without writing time-consuming search queries. Instead of searching for subtasks that are not done in each issue of an Epic, save time by using a dynamic table to do it for you.

Want more features for your task management? Contact us for release updates!

Our team at GlobalLogic is working on additional releases for the app. Our goal is to develop additional features to meet the needs of our customers. We will be happy to give you an update before a release and to let you know when it is ready for you. Contact us any time!

In the meantime, you can find all the information you need about GlobalLogic’s new Atlassian Marketplace App here.




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