Microservices Test Automation: BDD With Cucumber JVM

Rajiv Srivastava


Integration test cases are expected to be executed after deployment on QA environments on microservices. We can create a separate microservice integration test module to run integration test cases of any microservices and execute on QA deployment. It can be configured with the build pipeline using Jenkins, Bamboo, etc. When the build gets passed (after BDD integration is run on QA), then it should be promoted to the staging/pre-prod environment to make sure that all the REST APIs are intact.

This article will describe current test automation challenges, proper usage of Cucumber JVM BDD in Agile development, setup with Spring Boot, and Jenkins integration. Cucumber has very powerful reporting with graphs and tables, which can be integrated with Jenkins and shared in the report. It also generates JSON reports, which can be integrated with other applications or integration testing. It simplifies behavioral testing by using a simple English-like language that can be written by business/QA (non-developers) and later converted to a technical integration test case with or without mocking.

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