Jira Align

Strategically align your teams, customers, and investors through total transparency.

Agility Without Complexity

Large companies often find it challenging to go Agile due to the size and complexity of their business. Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft) helps companies close this “complexity gap” by providing a way to align teams and stakeholders with a common goal — from the top-level business strategy to individual team goals. The platform makes all tasks visible in real-time to create transparency and ensure that all stakeholders are up-to-date, recognize team dependencies, and understand what is happening during each phase of a project lifecycle.

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Combine Business Strategy & Technical Implementation

Jira Align offers an ideal approach for combining business strategy with technical implementation, which is critical for ensuring customer delight and investor confidence.

Optimally align software with customer requirements and usage

Provide investors with better visibility into your business strategies and finances

Jira Align Features

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View Tasks in Real-Time

  • Always know exactly what is happening at every stage of your project
  • Important team-level data is summarized in a table so that all processes and tasks are visible
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Align Teams to Goals

  • Provides transparency to ensure that everyone pulls in the same direction
  • Keeps every team member aware of scope, timelines, roadmaps, and dependencies between teams
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Focus on Customers

  • Optimize processes to focus on customer orientation
  • View all the connections between your strategic investments and the generated customer benefits
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Flexible Support for Agile Frameworks

  • Jira Align enables you to implement and expand any framework in a scalable way, including hybrid and customized frameworks:
    • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
    • Scrum@Scale
    • Spotify
    • Disciplined Agile Delivery
    • LeSS

Support Different Project Roles

Product Manager

Real-time roadmaps help you monitor project progress, while feature backlogs let you gather and prioritize ideas hassle-free.

Portfolio Manager

With Jira Align, the benefits of strategic investments can be ideally illustrated, helping you convince analysts, investors, and employees of your plans!

Executive Management

Combine strategy with implementation in an optimal way to realize your entrepreneurial vision.

Program Manager & Release Train Engineers (RTS)

Intelligent resource planning and monitoring of important appointments is made easy with Jira Align.

Delivery Teams

Implement your requirements with sprint project planning based on your corporate strategy.

Digital Transformation Teams

Use digital frameworks scaled specifically for your business to realize digital transformation.

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