GlobalLogic ScaleQA

Infrastructure modules to effectively set up, execute, scale, and monitor quality engineering for your project.



Developing modern enterprise software is all about agility and speed — it requires effective mechanisms to test, monitor and continuously improve the quality of the product. Challenges in the latter mean that most project teams either have to shoehorn quality and testing at later stages or bring in either expensive (and potentially sub-optimal) quality engineering infrastructure.

scaleQA provides test execution & monitoring infrastructure on the go, for “Quality Assurance as a Platform”. Bring your test suite and leverage the infrastructure out of the box. Take advantage of a 360° view of software quality, with full insight into aspects ranging from functional feature readiness, static code analysis, performance security vulnerabilities, and more.

Supported Platforms


Industry Agnostic

Technologies/Works well with

Ansible, K8S, Kubespray, Selenoid, InfluxDB, postgreSQL, elastic search, Grafana, JMeter, Jenkins Test automation frameworks with parallel execution capabilities

Business Need

Quick setup, with a highly scalable and cloud native QA platform.

Full historical view of tests run.

Prem and Multi cloud solution that works on all three major cloud providers.

Out of the box Production ready Sonar setup with predefined cross-platform rules selected from successful engagements.

A ready-to-use platform to run your JMeter performance tests in a cloud native and scalable way.

Value Proposition

Up to 50% reduction in overall regression test time.

Up to 40% reduction in overall smoke/BVT testing time.

End-to-end infrastructure for quality engineering out of the box.

Automatically scale your test infrastructure up and down based on needs and runs (capex to opex).

Multiple product lifecycle view of QA.


Opengine resources

Scalable test execution platform

  • Built on top of production-ready kubernetes cluster, providing a strong foundation to scale.
  • Prevents Vendor Lock-in as it seamlessly integrates with all the three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP).
  • Single environment for a parallel launch of automated tests.
  • Scale jenkins preconfigured.
Opengine cicd

Running tests in containers

  • Isolated environment: Selenoid allows running each browser in a separate container, which enables full isolation of the browser environment.
  • Runtime environment for test automation (regression/smoke) suites such as Selenium, with predefined stable browser images.
  • Simultaneous support of multiple browser versions (This option is only available if you use Selenoid; several containers with the appropriate browsers are to be built).
  • Live video enables remote visibility of test execution. Live browser screen and logs; new, rich user interface showing browser screen and Selenium session logs.
  • Resources consumption and utilization: Selenoid enables to maintain a high load without additional waste of resources and in addition, all inactive containers are removed at the end of each session. The level of free memory is always appropriate.
  • Video recording: Any browser session can be saved to video. Access an API to list, download, and delete recorded video files.
  • Lightweight and lightning fast: Consumes 10x less memory than Java-based Selenium server under the same load; small 6 Mb binary with no external dependencies (no need to install Java).
Opengine devops

Test reporting dashboard

  • Full-featured test reporting dashboard with predefined widgets and trend charts.
  • Integrates well with most automation solutions.
  • Dashboard accumulates all test runs in one place and aggregates all data in one place. including test history, logs, and attachments.
  • Classifies test failures and statistics around the launch as a whole.
  • Live visibility into automation health.
  • Track release readiness and easily create reports on product status for automation efficacy and readiness for release.
  • Integrate with bug tracking systems.