GlobalLogic’s Mobile Image Ratiometry app is a mobile application for instantaneous analysis of rapid test strips. The app captures an image of a rapid test strip, removes background noise, selects the signal bands, plots the pixel density ratio of the bands, and measures the area underneath each pick. Test results are immediately reported on the mobile device.

To demonstrate the Mobile Image Ratiometry (MIR) approach, GlobalLogic developed a standardized method using strip tests based on an OpenCV library. Developers leveraged OpenCV for image processing and ZBarSDK for QR Code Scanning. The entire process to create the app was just 4 weeks, with rapid pace development that leveraged a single iOS developer based in Ukraine.



The use of technology and mobile devices has emerged as a way to improve the accessibility and quality of health care in low-income countries. Since availability and coverage of cellular phones has grown fastest in developing countries (e.g., rates hitting 82% in Africa and 55% in Arab States since 2010), mobile devices are an attractive option for the development of health services. These phones have considerable computational power, connectivity, and the ability to take digital photographs — all of which provide an amazing opportunity for scientists and doctors to bring life-saving measures such as blood transfusions to an underserved population.