OfficeTime was originally developed for a proof-of-concept (POC) contest held across GlobalLogic offices in Ukraine. However, the POC development team envisioned creating a product that could also be implemented and used across the company. This approach kept them focused on developing a user-friendly and high-quality product from the onset of the project.

The development team behind OfficeTime included a Product Manager, Technology Lead, Developer, UX Designer, and QA/Scrum Master. This lean team executed the product as a part-time activity, and it often required trying new roles and technologies along the way. You can watch their journey here.

The product was developed over two months, and the subsequent integration across all GlobalLogic offices in Ukraine took three months. The product was launched in parallel with the previous version of the system in order to allow time for de-bugging and to ensure an overall smooth transition.


Upon its release across the GlobalLogic Ukraine offices, nearly half of the workforce immediately provided positive feedback on the tool. Today, over 400 GlobalLogic consultants use OfficeTime on a daily basis to view how much time they have spent at the office, and over 800 consultants regularly check their weekly balance every Friday. The OfficeTime development team anticipates an even wider adoption of the tool once the old version is completely phased out, and they hope to see implementation across all GlobalLogic locations around the world.