In Sanskrit, “Prāna” means “life / breathe,” and “Vāni” means “voice / angel” -- a fitting name since the app serves as a user’s personal guide to making decisions about their respiratory health. The foundation of the app is the Prāna Platform, a cloud-based message processing and analytics platform that pulls air quality data from a network of satellites, base stations, and IoT sensors. The platform can identify the specific air quality conditions of the user’s current location and even forecast out through twenty-four hours, aggregating all this data to the user’s iOS, Android, or desktop app.

Prana vani diagram

The Prāna Vāni app — which was developed by Prasad Nair, Narayana Karumuri, Gururaj Halikeri, Shashi Pinto, Sathish Kumar, and Maya Ranjith over a period of 12 weeks — was a winning proof-of-concept in GlobalLogic’s Global POC Challenge, a competition that gives our global engineers an opportunity to compete against their global colleagues and show off their design, development, and presentation skills. Learn more about how the Prāna Vāni app works and was developed in the below video.