We work together.

Expertise, experience, everywhere.

With deep expertise and broad experience at every stage of the product development lifecycle, our people create amazing products that help people communicate, stay informed, and make their lives better. But we don’t do it alone. We work closely with market-defining customers to take advantage of disruptive technologies. Our investors help support and guide our long-term growth, and we’re constantly hiring new designers and engineers around the world who add to our thriving culture of connection.

About Us

We make connections.

GlobalLogic combines cross-industry expertise and experience with market-defining customers to make connections between makers and markets worldwide. We’ve gained unique insight from working on innovative products and disruptive technologies that we share with business leaders, showing them how strategic research and development can become a tool for managing their future. We use the power of connection to help them make amazing products, discover new revenue opportunities, and accelerate time-to-market.

Connecting the dots.

For our customers, connection means “connecting the dots”—not only between different stages of the product lifecycle, but also between business opportunities they might not have seen otherwise. We know from experience that different products require different product development approaches. For example, where one product might benefit from a compressed R&D cycle, another might realize efficiencies through automated testing. We also know that even the most forward-thinking companies don’t always see opportunities outside of their original strategies. For those customers, we connect the dots between revenue, innovation, and new global markets.

Sharing responsibility.

Our commitment doesn’t end once we’ve made connections between our customers and global markets. Once we’ve engaged with a customer—whether working as project-based teams or as carefully assembled in-house labs—our employees take pride of ownership in the products they help design, develop, test, and support. We call this “shared responsibility.” Many of our customers consider their GlobalLogic experts to be inseparable from their own product development teams, and we do everything possible to maintain the trust that has led to many productive, long-term relationships with industry leaders.

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We keep good company.

You can tell a lot about people by the company they keep, and our people keep the best. We seek out partnerships with customers—including many of the world’s top hardware, software, and consumer brands—that define their markets, reinvent revenue, and innovate relentlessly. These amazing customers are found in nearly every industry, and our global presence allows us to help them get to market quickly while managing costs at every stage of the product lifecycle.

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We foster a culture of connection.

Making connections isn’t just what we do—it’s who we are. Our culture brings together people, ideas, and expertise worldwide to create an environment of innovation, diversity, and opportunity. We come to work every day ready to connect with exciting projects, evolving career opportunities, and each other. We also connect with our communities through the corporate social responsibility activities of our GlobalLogic foundation.

Making amazing careers.

From the United States to India, from the United Kingdom to Argentina, from Israel to Ukraine, our designers and engineers choose to work at GlobalLogic because of the opportunities to make an amazing career. Both new graduates and experienced domain experts further develop their expertise using disruptive technologies that define new markets. They move between projects across industries, broadening their portfolio and their ability to help customers “connect the dots.” And they take advantage of our worldwide presence, even transferring between global design and engineering centers when it makes sense.

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Supporting better communities.

We connect our employees to their communities through the GlobalLogic foundation. Educational impact is made through student sponsorships and computer skills training. We address sustainability with company-wide recycling programs, tree planting, and by participating in environmental awareness activities. In local communities, we partner with orphanages and senior-citizen centers to provide direct financial assistance. Following natural disasters, we organize relief drives to provide assistance to disaster victims. And we promote community health with events like blood donation drives and organ donation awareness campaigns.