Forbes Romania Champions in Business 2024

We are honored to be listed as one of Forbes Romania Champions in Business 2024 among such companies we admire. These companies have consistently grown their businesses in the last 10 years and remained profitable despite any adversity being named the previous decade’s champions.

For the fourth year in a row, Forbes showcases successful companies in Romania that have achieved sustained profitability and growth and managed to develop regardless of the economic and social context they have been going through over the past 10 years. Fortech (now GlobalLogic) is one of the companies awarded at the Gala Forbes Romania Champions League in Business 2024.

On this occasion, Călin Văduva, former CEO Fortech and now Senior Vice President and GDU Head for the new Group Delivery Unit at GlobalLogic’s team in Romania answered some questions from the experience of the last 10 years:



What are the most important lessons you have learned throughout the company’s existence?

Looking back at Fortech’s more than 20 years of existence, I’ve learned that a business strategy’s key component should be focused on agility, innovation, and constant evolution. Having a shared vision and goal of continuous growth and development at the company level. Over time, we explored numerous development paths and various initiatives, learned from mistakes, and built new opportunities. 

And precisely the fact that we have continuously adapted has managed to propel us forward and allowed us to evolve in these 20 years from a start-up founded by a few friends in a small apartment to joining GlobalLogic at the end of 2022, a Hitachi Group company and leader in digital engineering.

At the same time, we have always been concerned not only with building a solid trust relationship with our customers but also with nurturing a culture of learning with them. This has always helped us anchor our business decisions according to real market needs.


What are the core values and principles that have guided you in making decisions and running your business? 

I believe that respect, reliability, and innovation are the main values underpinning everything we do. We show respect to our customers, partners, and suppliers, but especially to the team – our colleagues.

Innovation guides us in exploring the possibilities of technology and making a real contribution to a better future. 

You can read the entire interview on Forbes Romania.

For us, this recognition is a collective effort of our remarkable team, not only over the last decade, but throughout the entire period in which we have built the Fortech community. And it’s a motivation to keep striving for excellence in our future as GlobalLogic Romania.

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