The Romanian CSR Awards 2024 jury distinguished GlobalLogic with the Silver Award in the “Employee Support” category.

The Romanian CSR Awards 2024 jury distinguished GlobalLogic with the Silver Award in the “Employee Support” category.

During the 12th edition of the Romanian CSR Awards Gala, an event organized by CSR Media and CSR Media Association, GlobalLogic Romania was awarded second place in the category “Employee Support” with its internal employee wellbeing program “Moving Challenge.”

More than 100 companies have registered in this competition 326 sustainability and social responsibility projects and campaigns, of which 58 were awarded for their impact in the community. Not only outstanding achievements were highlighted at the Gala, but also the continued potential to make positive changes in our community.

Some of the most rewarding campaigns are born out of giving back to the community, from engaging a significant part of the company, the stakeholders, the colleagues, and even their friends and families. Our Moving Challenge initiative has long gone beyond just an internal campaign role and has become part of our DNA. The fact that we were able to develop it from year to year and add the CSR layer shows us that when many people put their time and energy into a project, great things happen.

We aim to change the world for the better, but until we achieve this, we do it with small steps, starting with the community we belong to. Together with the Something New Association we helped 120 children from the Dezmir rural area to access a proper education and improved the conditions in which they learn. We also fully covered the scholarships for 8 children for 12 months through the Magic Association donation, which will help children who need support to go back to school after fighting with serious illness.

“I am very proud that our soul project was awarded from over 320 sustainability and social responsibility projects and campaigns submitted to the Romanian CSR Awards this year. It is a significant achievement that confirms that our contribution to the development of the local community had a significant impact beyond direct beneficiaries of the program.

It is a team success of more than 500 of our colleagues involved in increasing the Moving Challenge project from year to year, and it surely motivates us to remain involved in local community initiatives and make a difference in the lives of young people in the future.”

Alexandra Achim, HR Director GlobalLogic Romania

“The program motivated me to move daily, and I spent about 4 hours a day running, cycling, and walking, which was almost like a part-time job. It was a wonderful experience that I will definitely repeat this year at the 2024 edition. The reward, at the end of the program, lies not only in the participation itself but also in the  positive impact you have within the CSR layer of the Moving Challenge program.”

Cătălin Duluș from Oradea Team, 1st place in Moving Challenge leaderboard. He moved over 8,600 km during the program, an impressive feat that showcases his determination and resilience.


About Moving Challenge

The Moving Challenge is a 6-month sports program organized annually by Fortech (now GlobalLogic Romania). Its main goal is to encourage the participants to go outside daily and practice biking, running, and walking.

From the initial need to find new sustainable transport options for our colleagues and provide them with a proper context for increasing the engagement rate within the team, we also wanted to combat the lack of physical activity caused by working from home. And, eventually, turn the whole initiative into an Employee Wellness program to help us improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of as many of our colleagues as possible.   

The Moving Challenge 2023 edition had 985 participants: 500+ employees from Fortech, a GlobalLogic company (50% of the team), 70 from GlobalLogic (Slovakia and Poland) and 400+ external participants. Over 610,000 km were accumulated through the program in outdoor activities. This contributed to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from cars (~124.6 ktCO2e), well-being and engagement of our team, and positively impacting our local community.

In addition to the main objective of employee wellbeing, the Moving Challenge program also has a CSR layer, which is unlocked when reaching a joint team target. Because this target was exceeded in 2023, we got to support two NGOs with 10k EUR each to develop their great educational projects.

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