Relocation Opportunities in Europe with GlobalLogic

No matter where you are – join the GlobalLogic team and explore Europe with us!

The world today is offering unlimited possibilities to see, learn and understand more. All you need is to move to another country or city. We encourage you to discover a brand-new experience and find even more opportunities in Europe with GlobalLogic. GlobalLogic’s offices in Central and Eastern Europe will meet you with maximum hospitality and the same corporate culture, processes and possibilities.

We will support you at every stage of your journey and we will facilitate the relocation process as much as we can.

We will help you make the relocation process as comfortable as possible:

Preparation of documents

Obtaining a visa


Legalization in the destination country

Explore our Relocation Process

Choose country and position

Send your CV

Take part in an interview

Accept job offer

Apply for the required visa/permit, if needed


Explore Europe and our onboarding process

Openness and friendly atmosphere

International projects

Work-life balance and flexible working hours

Innovative and developmental projects

Possibility to work from home or the office according to your preferences

*services for intermediation in employment abroad, submission of documents for obtaining a visa, as well as other services that require the presence of a license, permit, or specific expertise, are provided by experienced partner companies that may be offered by GlobalLogic

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