Tracking System for Medical Equipment


  • Latest Java technologies and machine learning techniques for a high-tech product.
  • Flexible architecture adapted to any NFC tag or hardware manufacturer.
  • Technical solution easy to implement for multiple end-users and replicate in industries other than healthcare
Technologies: Android, Java
Services: Software Architecture, DevOps, Software Development, Software Testing, Business Analysis, UI/UX, Project Management


The solution is an MVP designed for hospitals looking to improve their asset management system.

Two things were considered essential for the project’s success: an intuitive interface that was easy to use by the medical and maintenance staff, and a fail-safe system built to minimize risks in case of errors.

The solution, consisting of a mobile application and a web interface, allows staff to:

  • Register the location of medical devices and other assets used in the care center;
  • Find out the real-time location of every registered device;
  • Measure, monitor, and analyze equipment utilization;
  • Set up the infrastructure.


Our client is a key player in the wearable technology market, aiming to embody innovative tech into its products and set higher standards for the RFID/NFC industry.

Equipped with the right design and engineering capabilities, our dedicated software development team brought a great product concept to life.

By relying on multiple brainstorming sessions within the team, close collaboration, and weekly syncs with the client, our team contributed to an MVP that was delivered fast.

Due to the experience gained in other similar international projects, our highly skilled engineers had full ownership in defining and implementing the architecture and DevOps aspects of the solution. Furthermore, they focused on designing the user-facing mobile application and developing new functionalities for the back-end.

As for the future, the plans are to extend the solution to serve more than one facility care on a multitenancy cloud architecture.

Client Benefits

Skilled Team

Team with strong technical capabilities and eight years of average hands-on experience in software development.

Accelerated TTM

Rapid prototyping – multiple iterations generated in a time frame of two months.


Machine learning techniques are applied to enhance product capabilities.

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