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Full spectrum broadband R&D, experience design, software development and implementation support for network equipment manufacturers and ISPs

Software Development for Residential Gateways

GlobalLogic provides end-to-end development and support services for residential gateways SW including Wi-Fi routers, access points and mesh systems. Our software systems incorporate proprietary and open source solutions that make it possible to evaluate the Wi-Fi environment, predict and improve user satisfaction, prevent unauthorized access and data breaches, and more.

Partnering with GlobalLogic for your residential gateway development needs enables your team to tap into our 15+ years of expertise and specialization in networking, Wi-Fi, manual and automated testing, and information security systems for residential routers. Tens of millions of broadband internet subscribers use our software daily via the services and support we provide to leading network equipment manufacturers and the largest internet service providers.

The question is, how can we help you?  Book your free consultation with an expert member of our Residential Gateways Software Development team today and let’s explore the possibilities.

GlobalLogic helps Internet Service Providers (ISPs) improve customer quality of experience (QoE) with comprehensive solutions deployable in any customer location. Tap into the latest technologies and expert-built solutions to monitor the area’s wifi environment, predict customers’ QoE with wifi services, and even take certain actions to improve.

Why ISPs & Network Equipment Providers Choose GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic is a trusted provider of clients’ needs across CPE middleware, broadband testing labs, features development and integration, networking product development, cloud analytics platform development and integration, UI, and mobile app development.


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Years Experience in Residential Broadband

We help clients go to market faster with innovative, secure, stable solutions built to scale and grow with the business. GlobalLogic has helped deploy millions of residential gateway units for clients including telecom operators, CPE manufacturers, ISPs, silicon vendors, independent software vendors (ISVs), and Internet of Things (IoT) device and solution vendors.

We Bring Specialized Middleware & CPE Features Expertise to Your Project


GlobalLogic is an active prpl foundation member, prplMesh contributor, and prplLCM contributor. We’ve developed a new middleware that covers prpl high-level and low level APIs, containers and heavily uses open source components.


GlobalLogic has strong expertise in RDK-B development and multiple active projects in the domain. Our team has ported a Wi-Fi QoE solution to the RDK platform, and won the 2021 RDK Hackathon


Cisco OpenRG
GlobalLogic solely supports Cisco’s hardware agnostic OpenRG gateway middleware. We also support Cisco’s VSAF Application Framework.


Proprietary Solutions
GlobalLogic develops software for xDSL, DOCSIS, PON and 5G FWA gateways. The expertise we bring to you includes development of next generation software from scratch, porting to new hardware platforms, and features development and support.

Augment your in-house team’s skills with GlobalLogic’s advanced knowledge and experience in features development and integration expertise for Wi-Fi 6/6E/7, 5G FWA CPE development, CPE security solutions, cloud-agnostic CPE analytics solutions, and more.

Software Development for Residential Gateways in Action

Working with GlobalLogic gives you access not only to an innovation team with deep expertise focused on researching and prototyping, but over 300 Broadband Gateways experts who’ve delivered products and provide ongoing support to Tier 1 operators, ISVs, telecom operators and more. Here are just a few examples of how we’re helping clients transform their offerings and shape the future of residential broadband.

Residential Broadband FAQs

GlobalLogic brings over 300 domain experts and our 15+ years of experience in Broadband Gateways to each new engagement. Our team specializes in C/C++, Bash, Python, JavaScript, and Lua programming languages. Networking technologies include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, xDSL, DOCSIS, xPON, LTE, 5G TCP/IP (v4 and v6), NAT/Routing, CWMP/USP/TR-181, SNMP, WebPA, and RTP/SIP. Our manual and automated testing capabilities include Linux, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, CDRouter, PyTest / Allure, Board Farm, and Robot Framework. Please contact GlobalLogic’s team to learn more about the technologies and capabilities we bring to partner projects.

Today, any device on a home network is an attractive target for unauthorized access and a channel for the leakage of confidential information: from personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and IoT devices to the router that provides the connection to the Internet. The GlobalLogic team develops solutions for communication service providers, integrating security services without the need to replace existing client routers. By embedding network traffic monitoring and analysis modules in home routers, the end customer gets the means for the centralized security control of the connected devices. The user is provided with the functions of controlling each device and analyzing the network through an application that supports interaction with the cloud- based home security system.

Software quality plays an important role for devices that are produced in millions of copies. GlobalLogic engineers are engaged in various types of testing and utilize professional tools to ensure software quality. This includes telecommunication equipment that provides DOCSIS, xDSL, xPON, and FTTH connectivity, DMZ rooms, isolated rooms for Wi-Fi testing, tools such as IXIA Veriwave, CDRouter, etc. Knowledge of Linux and network technologies plays a key role there, so most of our QA engineers have experience in network administration. For the automated testing, we use a platform based on PyTest and Allure Report. Please contact GlobalLogic’s team to learn more about our digital product and residential broadband testing services.

Wi-Fi Mesh is a software solution that makes it possible to evaluate the Wi-Fi environment, predict the level of user satisfaction, and take measures to improve it. GlobalLogic develops and integrates these systems, which support full coverage of an entire house or a large apartment in order to provide seamless roaming. EasyMesh is a new open standard designed to unify devices from different manufacturers. Our team participated in the first open-source implementation of this standard. Read more about it here from the prpl foundation.

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