When time and talent are in short supply, our Engineering Labs give you everything you need to move forward and achieve your ambitions in a turn-key fashion.


Leave the Heavy Lifting to GlobalLogic

When necessary, we set up a self-contained software development lab for our clients. Our experts shorten the time needed to find the right talent and establish a highly productive and economical software development environment.

GlobalLogic Labs delivers brilliant digital product solutions, with impeccable design and superior end-user experiences. By creating a stable foundation for your development teams, you will obtain measurable outcomes at a lower overall cost.

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The Best Of All Worlds

GlobalLogic Labs provide organizations with capabilities, experiences, connections, and innovation using full transparency, flexibility, and control of an in-house development team to deliver PLM solutions.

Dedicated Teams, Infrastructure, and Support Functions

Alignment to Customer Policies, Procedures, and Culture

Governance & Reporting

Full Transparency & Control of Lab Operations

KPI Calculations & Risk/Reward Analysis

Lab Maturity Computation

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Media Editing Tools

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Video Delivery Infrastructure for TV and Video Services


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Digital Market Research Solutions

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