GlobalLogic Intelli-Insights

Enables enterprises to turn their rich data into intelligent insights, predictions, and root cause analyses — all without niche skills or data science expertise.


Today’s businesses are rich in data, but data by itself cannot provide value unless there is also context. Intelli-Insights is GlobalLogic’s AI-powered platform that transforms available data into actionable insights. The platform enables businesses to better understand their customers, explore new business opportunities, and make more informed decisions — all without requiring niche skills in data science.

With Intelli-Insights, businesses can use either pre-defined standard AI apps or build their own custom apps; utilize Auto-ML to dynamically calibrate models; and automatically select the best models and algorithms for their specific business needs. The platform also enables users to quickly identify potential issues within their solution, pinpoint which features are causing the problem, and then drill down the root cause.

Supported Platforms


Industry Agnostic

Technologies/Works well with

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Tech Stack - Python, H20, Scikitlearn, ASF (Apache Software Foundation) tech stack, Angular, NLP, Docker Containers, Java, Cloud Native Architecture, Microservice, MongoDb

Business Needs

Accelerate the AI/ML pipeline process

Bridge skill gaps within the enterprise without needing to find or hire AI/ML specialists

Seamlessly move big data that has been collected over a period of time to the cloud

Eliminate dependencies on vendor-provided AI/ML capabilities to deliver data-driven insights

Value Proposition

Delivers faster time-to-market by accelerating the development process

Increases productivity within the enterprise by reusing ML models

Monetizes data by building and publishing intelligent apps

Can be deployed any place where data exists


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