GlobalLogic Vehicle Cockpit

Platform’s hybrid architecture allows you to develop a customizable IVI system without compromising functionality, security, or reliability.


Vehicle Cockpit Accelerator by GlobalLogic is a hypervisor-based accelerator that leverages our deep expertise in telecommunication units (TCU), instrumental clusters, and in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) to develop virtual automotive cockpit solutions. It also includes a demonstration kit to help customers visualize how their solution will work across various automotive use-cases, from the core functionality to the user experience.

Supported Platforms

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Automotive, Industrial, Communication

Technologies/Works well with

Linux, Android, Xen, Free RTOS

Business Needs

Quickly and cost-effectively develop powerful in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems

Leverage any operating system, from Android to Linux

Develop different types of communication units for different use cases

Design engaging driver experiences through innovative UX, such as heads-up displays (HUD)

Value Proposition

Reduces product development time by approximately 20% (depending on product complexity)

Significantly decreases the time to develop the architecture of future products

Jump starts an R&D team's automotive and product research capabilities

Includes innovative UX, TCU, and safety island features


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