GlobalLogic’s I.T. Automotive conference, The Future of Mobility, to be held in Szczecin, Poland


GlobalLogic is organizing the third consecutive automotive conference hosting prominent experts. We proudly present Szczecin as an automotive competence center, and local IT outsourcing companies (ITO) as appealing employers. The event is dedicated to Embedded Technology engineers, IT engineers, IT students and automotive enthusiasts.

During this year’s event, the speakers will present the latest automotive trends and technologies that will define the future of the automation industry. They will cover the journey from connected cars to autonomous driving, the impact of fake news on the car industry, Daimler’s future mobility strategy, connected, autonomous, shared and electric and the importance of standards and collaboration in the automotive industry.

” We share knowledge and passion. It is the common interest in technology that allows us to create a well-integrated team of experts. Our engineers work with cutting-edge technologies and interact with the latest trends to create innovative solutions. Consequently, we have built strong know-how in solutions for the automotive industry. We deliver vehicle cluster software, infotainment systems, and platforms for latest car-themed developments and car communications. IT in Automotive is a special event dedicated to sharing our experience. Our goal for the upcoming years is to inscribe this conference permanently in Szczecin’s events calendar and to reinforce its international reputation,” said Piotr Krzysztofik, GlobalLogic’s Head for Poland and Croatia.

This year, the following ongoing and completed commercial and R&D projects will be presented:

  • ARIS – Augmented Reality Infotainment System
  • GLJARVIS – security authentication via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Autodock – a truck performing autonomous docking to a trailer
  • GlobalLogic Automotive Lab demonstration stand of the West Pomeranian University of Technology (ZUT).

Our speakers will include the following recognized experts in the automotive industry: Joerg Tischler from T-Systems; Piotr R. Frankowski, an automotive journalist; Aleksander Rzepecki, Vehicles Implementation Manager at Mercedes-Benz Electric; Michael Niklas, Head of Software Standards at Continental; Ivan Kondratenko, Consulting Analyst at Mobility Practice, Frost & Sullivan; Mariusz Kulczyk, Project Manager at GlobalLogic S.A.; Tomasz Klekowski, a digital transformation expert and technology evangelist, Board Member at Polish Confederation Lewiatan and at the Association of Digital Technology Employers Lewiatan; and the event host, Rafał Motriuk, Science Correspondent at the Polish Radio.

The IT in Automotive event will also feature a special guest, the PWR Racing Team from the Students Formula 1, who will demonstrate their latest RT-09 race car! The PWR Racing Team has collaborated with GlobalLogic to develop and improve the software components of their car. The team is continuously enhancing the software to be implemented in their race car in the future.

“Developing software for the automotive industry is slowly becoming the signature of West Pomerania. In our region, there are numerous companies focused on meeting the needs of the automotive industry. The fact that GlobalLogic’s initiative attracts so many representatives of foreign companies is certainly a strong signal that there is no lack of interesting ideas and solutions here. We wish to support such initiatives, not only because they help our companies develop, but also due to the fact that this encourages others to invest in our region” – said Olgierd Geblewicz, the Marshall of the West Pomerania Province.

The honorary patrons of the event are the Szczecin City Hall and the West Pomerania Province Marshall’s Office. The portal has become the media patron of the event. The conference sponsors are GlobalLogic S.A. and Mercedes-Benz Grupa Mojsiuk.

About the conference
The IT in Automotive conference is an event that enables automotive and latest technology enthusiasts to share their automotive experience and know-how. It gives startup founders, journalists, lecturers, independent IT stakeholders and corporations the opportunity to present their ideas and get feedback on their technologies and projects.

Approximately 400 individuals have taken part in the conference in previous years. The last year’s installment saw GlobalLogic inaugurate our collaboration with ZUT, as a result of which the state-of-the-art GlobalLogic Automotive Lab was launched in November last year. The Lab gives students the opportunity to acquire practical hardware and software skills required in automotive and in embedded systems. For more information, please visit our website:

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About GlobalLogic
GlobalLogic is a leader in advancing the product digital transformation. Our engineers create the future world by designing and developing latest technology innovations for automotive, telecommunications, industry automation, medicine, safety and mobile apps. Founded 17 years ago, GlobalLogic was launched in Poland in 2015, and has been carrying out projects in Wroclaw, Krakow, Szczecin, Koszalin and Zielona Gora. Our corporate headquarters is in Silicon Valley, CA. More about GlobalLogic: .