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Develop Restful API with Go and Gin

By Akanksha Sharma

Go is a powerful and easy to learn language that any programmer can adapt without difficulty. It’s as simple as its name, Go or Golang.

Global Practices: Security Training for the Development Team

By Kulbhushan Bhardwaj

A security training program is crucial for an effective development team. See the central concepts and programs that make a successful security training program.

The Case for Modern Data Warehouses on the Cloud

By Rahul Barik

Data warehouses are business intelligence systems used to enable reporting as well as data analysis. As such, they can help any data-driven business understand and improve upon the user’s business model.

Testing in Production: A New Paradigm for Shift-Right

By Rashmi Gaidhane

Testing in production (TiP) lets a software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) team prepare for possible bugs. It’s also helpful in analyzing the user’s experience.

Zero-Touch Test Automation Enabling Continuous Testing

By Rashmi Gaidhane

As enterprises transform digitally, see how zero-touch test automation eliminates manual aspects of the testing process and saves time.

Next-Generation Architecture Best Practices

By Mohammad Ashfaque

The next-gen architecture practices above can be adapted to any project at any scale, offering several benefits to the project’s maintenance.

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