GlobalLogic Cloudwave®

Augments a business’s CMBD with a unique, survey-based process and intelligent categorization engine to help businesses rapidly assess their application portfolios for migration



Assessing an application portfolio for an IT change program such as cloud migration can be a logistical nightmare. Traditional configuration management databases (CMDBs) lack the contextual information required to make informed decisions, and application owners and subject matter experts are often too busy to help —resulting in project delays and overreaching budgets.

GlobalLogic’s Cloudwave® digital accelerator augments a business’s CMDB with a unique, survey-based process and intelligent categorization engine to help businesses assess their application portfolios in days, not months. By delivering insights into which applications deliver the most business value, Cloudwave® helps organizations determine which applications to prioritize, migrate, and retire. This enables businesses to establish a baseline, identify quick wins, and gain actionable insights into the overall change program at minimal cost.

Supported Platforms


Industry Agnostic

Technologies/Works well with

Configuration management databases

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Business Needs

Automate large-scale technology transformation programs

Optimize highly complex, regulated & legacy-ridden environments

Reduce costs & improve efficiency of assessment phase

Consolidate IT assets & dependency data

Value Proposition

Accelerates & optimizes the assessment phase ahead of a large-scale IT change program

Provides a complete picture of an application portfolio in a centralized, easy to navigate dashboard

Delivers application portfolio insights & recommendations in real-time

Ensures enterprise-grade data protection & security


Enterprise Ready

  • Scales to 1,000s of apps & 10,000s of users
  • Draws on contextual factors & consolidates multiple data streams
  • Identifies trends, themes & abnormalities across the application portfolio


  • Users can leverage our existing questionnaires for Cloud, Containers, or Database Migration — or create their own
  • Users can run the tool of their own ServiceNow instance or on GlobalLogic’s Cloud platform