Create content, store knowledge, and collaborate with any team located anywhere in the world.

A Flexible Content & Collaboration Tool

Confluence is a modern collaboration and corporate wiki solution that allows your team to store and leverage their collective knowledge all in one place. Whether it’s project planning, software development, or product marketing, Confluence enables even distributed teams to share their ideas and get immediate feedback. Confluence’s extensive feature set, intuitive user interface, rich text editor, high performance, and continuous development provides a foundation for true digital collaboration across the enterprise.

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Your Knowledge Management Solution

Share and view content centralized in a unique repository

Easily organize information and share it with others

Collaborative, location-independent, time-independent

Make sure project visibility and contributions reach every team member

Close the feedback loop by providing comments and reaching agreements in context

Confluence Features

Customer Knowledge Base

  • Provide your customers with a self-service knowledge base.
  • Easily publish, organize, and share corporate information in one central location.

Team Documentation

  • Capture, store, and maintain the know-how of your team on Confluence’s intranet.
  • Keep your team aligned and up-to-date with process tools.
  • Eliminate lengthy emails and knowledge silos.

More Than Just Text

  • Make your work come alive with dynamic multimedia content.
  • Create meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, and more.
  • Use templates to get started right away.

Why Buy Confluence?

Project Collaboration

Confluence enables you to create, share, and collaborate on projects in one central location.

Document Management

Share PDFs, Office documents, images, and more in Confluence. Manage your files easily with automatic version management, instant previews, full text search, and fixed comments.

Page & File Version Management

Track every version and every change that you and your teammates make to a page — the file versions are managed automatically.

Jira & Add-On Integration

Use Confluence with Jira to get everything your teams need to be more productive: automation functions, queues, SLAs, approval workflows, and much more. Confluence also integrates with powerful add-ons to expand your collaboration capabilities.


Granular permissions allow you to maintain full control and ensure the security of your location and content.


GlobalLogic provides bestp ractice templates so you can get started with popular pages right away without having to create or format anything.

Confluence Advantages

Flexible, Multi-Use Platform

Confluence provides a dynamic production environment that can be adapted to any team or requirement. For example, you can use Confluence’s secure access management, granular viewing and editing rights, and rights and roles functionalities to create a self-service desk for customer support.

Real-Time Collaboration

Successful teams maximize productivity through collaboration. Create and revise documents as a team and provide feedback until the final version is ready, even across departmental and site boundaries. Use the platform’s automatic versioning of images, PDFs, tables, etc. to keep documentation up-to-date during project management, even when multiple people work on the same document.

Integration with Jira Software

Leverage Jira’s processes and Confluence’s documentation to create transparency in any project. All company information can be easily published, organized, and released centrally in Confluence. Jira’s comprehensive planning capabilities provide teams with unparalleled flexibility in planning.


Atlassian Confluence is used to help teams to collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. With Atlassian confluence, companies can capture project requirements, assign tasks to specific users, and manage several calendars at once.

Uses of confluence include organizing internal knowledge and online documents, so teams and easily accessible them from anywhere and by anyone.

Atlassian confluence works by allowing teams to share knowledge and collaboration. It creates a safe and secure page so teams can create, capture, and collaborate on any project or idea.

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