OTT Channel Development Accelerator

Enables businesses to create a fully functional, highly branded, monetized OTT channel or application in as little as 10 weeks


GlobalLogic’s OTT Channel Development Accelerator is a proven, tested solution that enables businesses to create a fully functional, completely branded, monetized OTT channel or application in as little as 10 weeks. Go beyond the boilerplate with highly customized designs and features like background video; build on any platform, for any device; and spend less money with a turnkey solution and single partnership fee. We are also part of Roku’s and Comcast’s networks of preferred channel development vendors.

Supported Platforms


Media & Entertainment

Technologies/Works well with

Android, iOS, tvOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Tizen, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo DS, Web

Business Need

Accelerate OTT channel development while lowering costs & ensuring channel/app reliability

Create a highly customized channel/app with any number of screens, design elements, and unique features

Enable simple revenue generation, rich analytics tracking & intuitive UX for viewers

Automate testing to ensure channel performance across any streaming device

Easily integrate (and customize) payment systems

Value Proposition

Accelerate time-to-market by leveraging our channel development framework & 10+ years of OTT experience

Match your business' brand with unique UI elements & UX configuration for content display & video streaming

Avoid vendor lock-in with a solution that is agnostic across platforms, devices, technology stacks, and environments

Integrate any monetization option or manage multiple platform monetization processes through a single interface

Pay only the price of the partnership (no subscription fees) and maintain ownership of your code

Ensure the security, performance, and reliability of your channel

Develop code for native apps per platform or develop a cross-platform, reusable code base

Work with GlobalLogic as a stand-alone partner or as an integrated part of your own team


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