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GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services provider that collaborates with businesses to disrupt industries and expectations.

  • 05. Internet of Things

    Although IoT solutions and services mean different things to different people, we view them as technologies that connect data from a variety of sensors with the ability to intelligently drive context-aware actions in near real-time. IoT is empowering businesses to make strategic decisions on-the-fly while creating a more connected user experience for the consumer. Using experience-led design strategy, we help our customers re-imagine business through a digital lens, whether that’s creating a new product or adapting mature products for a more connected landscape.


Because we have a long history of expertise in IoT engineering services,  we are able to help our customers quickly and intelligently develop future-ready IoT technology solutions.

Market research on how customers, services, and businesses interact

Advisory services around user experience

Design and Development of IoT-ready products and services

Adaptation of existing products and services for a digital landscape