GlobalLogic provides experience design, digital product engineering services and Agile software development to global brands in all vertical industries.

We help you create value across the product lifecycle.

GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services provider that collaborates with businesses to disrupt industries and expectations.

  • 06. Semiconductors

    With over 15 years of experience partnering with the world’s largest semiconductor companies, we know that innovation starts at the chip level and connects with every other layer in the stack — all the way to the user. We leverage our design-led engineering, digital services, and firmware development services expertise to help semiconductor companies develop exceptional products and services across all levels, from operating systems to connectivity solutions. We also collaborate with our customers to create digital strategies that will enhance their interactions with OEM customers and developer communities, such as cloud-based tools and ecosystem platforms.


We collaborate with semiconductor companies to develop experience-centric technology solutions. We specialize in:

Embedded software development across firmware, board support packages, device drivers, middleware, OS bring-up, and embedded HMI

Connectivity chip solution development across firmware, protocol stacks, apps, and modem integration

Security and cryptography solution development

Developer tools and ecosystem platforms

Customer research and user experience design

Electronics & Industrial