Enabling a personalized smart mobility platform

Reuters Automotive USA 2023
November 8 - 9, 2023

GlobalLogic is proud to attend Reuters Automotive USA 2023 in Detroit, MI. 

We’re racing towards a future in which Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs) will redefine the customer experience, and new opportunities in revenue and customer engagement are emerging across the vehicle’s lifespan. Top-tier OEMs are clamoring for position in their hot pursuit of a staggering $20B-$25B in anticipated new annual subscription-based and service offerings revenue. 

Is your organization positioned to emerge as a Mobility innovation frontrunner?

Join GlobalLogic’s team for a riveting roundtable as we dissect the strategies, organizational shifts, and architectural innovations essential for dominating this new frontier and maximizing customer value. Be part of the change. Learn to avoid the red flags and come along for the ride as we explore:

  • How shifting customer behaviors and technological trends are impacting OEMs and the Mobility ecosystem.
  • Why organizational and cultural factors are essential for subscription services platform success.
  • Which emerging opportunities and potential business use cases for monetizing services look most promising across in-vehicle entertainment and digital media streaming, smart home integrations linked to vehicle proximity, core auto services, contextual navigation, charging infrastructure, and more.
  • How to overcome challenges in digital platform architecture, implementation, and operationalizing subscription services.
  • What integrating with third-party content providers and other players in the Mobility ecosystem can do for your business.

Harness the expertise of GlobalLogic's team and ensure your organization is geared up for this paradigm shift in Mobility. If you are interested in joining us at our workshop, please fill out this inquiry form.

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