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Tzvi Kasten

Vice President, Client Engagement

Tzvi kasten

In addition to being Vice President of Client Engagement Tzvi Kasten founded GlobalLogic’s Security Practice Organization, has a rich background in developing embedded systems and managing multimedia, communications, and network software projects. Tzvi previously held the position of CTO and co-founder at InterObject, which was acquired by GlobalLogic in 2008. Prior to InterObject, he served as R&D Director at VCON, where he managed the development of the company’s PC-based video conferencing product line and all IP-based technologies. He also worked as a Senior Team Leader at Telrad Networks, where he managed the development of telecom products for Nortel Networks. Tzvi holds a B.Sc. (with honors) in Applied Computer Science and Technology from the Jerusalem College of Technology in Israel. In his free time, Tzvi enjoys playing his Fender Stratocaster, studying neuroscience and cognition, and spending time with his family.

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