Szczecin – on September 1st, 4 students  start their internship at GlobalLogic. During the next two months the students will focus on how to create cross platform GUI applications using Qt framework, which is used in many state-of-the-art applications you use in your daily life.

The course will commence with a thorough introduction to Qt explaining how framework foundations work, followed by an in-depth tutorial on how to design and implement various UI elements of an application.
Students will be shown examples and best practices on how to achieve certain goals thus making them more acquainted with Qt as they begin to write their first Qt apps.


Once basic knowledge is acquired, participants will use their skills to create various applications like a file manager, multimedia player or a chat app. Each exploring different aspects of Qt.
Their progress will be mentored by GlobalLogic’s engineers who will help solving problems, give ideas or suggest alternatives. Should the progress be fast, the interns will also learn how to deploy their applications on mobile platforms like Android.

Aside from learning Qt and boosting C++ knowledge, our interns will find out how source code is maintained (Git) and how we assure code quality (code review/coding guidelines).

If you are interested in joining an internship at GlobalLogic – please check on our open positions or simply get in contact with us!