Denys Bratchuk

Denys Bratchuk

Director, Engineering

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, graduated from Kharkiv National University.

I started working as a Software Developer in R&D and engineering areas in 2003. Patent owner in the area of digital radiography and defectoscopy, experienced in building X-ray scanning customs control systems and fault detectors.

Tech Lead and Project Manager building custom Facebook applications, ended up being a Head of Development in a boutique New York design agency. Expert in creating custom Content Management Systems and Intranets for US-based customers, such as Green Bay Packers, NFL Youth, Procter & Gamble.

Over the last 5 years I'm a part of GlobalLogic. Being an Engineering Director, I've driven a dozen of programs in Industrial domain, with the main focus on Construction and Building Maintenance industries, as well as innovative technologies (AR/VR, ML/AI, Computer Vision etc)

My main hobbies are Wikipedia, futsal and esports.

Denys Bratchuk
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