Digital Transformation

Smart Thermometer to Support New Normal - COVID-19

By Ankit Gupta

Employees are returning to work during the pandemic but need to do so safely. See how vital statistics can integrate with building-access and cab-booking apps.

NFC Tag-based System with Machine Learning in Retail Marketing

By Vashu Raghav, Mangesh Mandlik

Consumers expect a digital shopping experience. See how retailers can employ near-field communication powered by machine learning as a marketing solution.

Approach to Implement Media Automation Testing

By Nilesh Kumar

Learn how to automate media testing across IPTV and OTT platforms with tool recommendations and a suggested process from automation testing expert Nilesh Kumar.

Digital Marketplace for Content

By Shubham Chaudhary

Learn how the most popular digital marketplaces use content to create exceptional experiences and drive revenue.

Real-time Premium Calculation

By Ashutosh Gupta

Learn how insurer solutions incorporating IoMT devices can help inform more accurate, real-time health insurance premium calculations.

How AI is Transforming Insurance

By Kapil Marwah

Explore the practical uses, challenges, and opportunities of AI in insurance. Learn how technological advancements are transforming the industry.

Next-Gen Blend of Retail & Online Shopping

By Vashu Raghav, Muhammad Hamzah

The next generation of retail will be a hybrid online and real-world experience. Is your brand ready? Learn more about an innovative AI-powered solution.

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