A major challenge that IT firms are facing today is managing a product through its entire life cycle. Sumit Sood, MD, GlobalLogic India, speaks on how, with the help of partners and experiences from abroad, they are helping organizations manage solutions better and at the same time ensure they are on the right side of disruptive tech.

When it comes to delivering IT innovation, how is GlobalLogic different from other players?
When it comes to solutions, design, engineering and operations our presence in Latin America, central and eastern Europe and India is extremely strong. We work on full lifecycle of a product. For us, connection means “connecting the dots”, not only between different stages of a product’s lifecycle, but also between business opportunities they might not have seen otherwise. We are committed to sharing a complete product roadmap, from creating industry defining products with the latest technologies to getting them to market faster.

Through our experience we have learned that different products require different product development approaches. We also know that even the most forward-thinking companies don’t always see opportunities outside of their original strategies and, for such customers, we connect the dots between revenue, innovation, and new global markets. This is what gives us an edge over our competitors. Many companies choose to work with us as an equal partner in product development process and we do everything we can to make that partnership valuable for both parties.

What is your channel strategy and how are your partners helping you grow?

GlobalLogic partners with customers from a shared product responsibility approach via different models like labs, teams and projects.

Our channel partnerships help to accelerate business development, sales, and product development efforts of customers entering their respective markets. Our aim is to assist technology companies understand their options better, formulate effective strategies and reduce risks as they expand into a rapidly growing and complex industry. This also allows us to continue to add value by focusing on full product lifecycle services to our technology clients, including product development and other engineering services.

How does your expertise in the global market, help Indian channel partners do their work better?
GlobalLogic has ongoing partnerships with more than 150 technology companies in product vertical markets that include consumer, enterprise, mobile, telecom, healthcare and embedded. GlobalLogic delivers over 1500 projects every year for its customers across the globe.

Having a global presence help us understand your client’s business at its core which is very important for our growth. We study how a partner interacts with their end customer and how in turn their customer interacts with the products and services developed.

Working with partners abroad or in India is a great way to experience a different culture and work with outstanding companies or organizations. Being diverse ourselves, we feel that a global setup brings new ideas to the table and brings an opportunity to address different markets and needs.

From a partner perspective, what according to you is driving disruptive technologies like SMAC, IoT, etc in India?
If we look at India, there are two megatrends that are driving disruption, connectivity and awareness.

Owing to increased education and urbanization, India now has a large financially independent digital native population which is armed by world class IT infrastructure rollout. This combination is the perfect recipe for disruption across board. Not only will this, with the government’s new initiatives like smart cities, smart homes and others, it will be a cherry on top of a cake.

From food, housing and banking to telecom, retail and healthcare – all sectors are witnessing a huge shift in terms of technology. People are expecting their service providers, banks, telecoms and hospitals, to leverage SMAC, IoT and wearable devices to deliver value added services in an entirely different level.

Are you planning to target any specific verticals in India? Why and what are they?
India is a very key geography for us – as a market and as a maker for products in other markets. From a market perspective, we are seeing tremendous opportunities in the telecommunications, healthcare, retail and e-commerce areas that align very well with GlobalLogic’s strengths. We are working on some large innovation programs with leading Indian enterprises as well as startups across these industries.

We see healthcare and convergence in retail as big drivers of growth, and the role that technology can play in remote or assisted care is phenomenal. It helps improve the cost of care while driving down the cost. Connected factors across mobility and wearable devices are undergoing a tectonic shift from customer experience to operational efficiency.

How are you empowering or planning to empower the Indian startup community?
One of GlobalLogic’s most important forums for sharing big ideas is our annual ‘Innovate conference’, an invitation only summit, where product development leaders share how they’re transforming their market spaces through innovative ideas. We author thought-leadership white papers that explore industry, technology, and process developments. Apart from this we have also launched a series of events and have participate in forums that encourage new ideas.

We are partners with TIE Nagpur since the past one year and are working on various opportunities with them around grooming, mentoring and also incubating ideas for startups. We are also working with the forums that empower startups focused in academic sector.

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