GlobalLogic Data Platform

Allows Enterprises to immediately manifest a solution which can gather, transform, and enrich data from across their enterprise



Although extracting value from data across an enterprise is a modern-day imperative, many businesses continues to struggle with the challenges of big data architecture, technology stacks, and hosting capabilities required for ramp-up. GlobalLogic Data Platform Accelerator enables businesses to implement a fully functional, end-to-end data platform within a target or greenfield cloud account within days instead of months. Leveraging cloud native PaaS technolgoies, our data platform helps businesses gather enterprise-wide data, transform and enrich it, and deliver it to anaylsts for extracting value and insights.

Supported platform


Industry Agnostic

Technologies/Works well with

Azure, DataBricks, Data Lake, Blob Storage, Data Factory, Spark, Hive

Business Needs

Eliminate silos of data that create roadblocks in generating insights and value

Implement consistency around the infrastructures, technologies, pipelines & processes used to work on data projects

Provide transparency around available data / adaptors / pipelines to eliminate inconsistences & duplications

Enable role-based access control across data, data processing, platform configurations and APIs

Accelerate data processing & align with business requirements

Jump-start the data science team's ability to create and experiment with AI/ML models

Create a next-gen data platform and future strategy with limited expertise

Value Proposition

Creates a centralized and unified data platform

Delivers faster time-to-market and value realization

Ensures a single source of truth for various stakeholders and teams

Provides a standard architecture leveraging industry best practices & cloud native PAAS technologies

Saves time, money, and effort through consistency, standardization, and reusing data projects / engagements

Provides centralized, role-based access control across all data, components, and UIs (including CLI & APIs)

Ensures effective and efficient discovery of data and data sources in the platform


Core Platform Capabilities

  • Supports various data integration patterns (structured batch-push, structured batch-pull)
  • Standard data integration zones (raw, staging, refined)
  • Well-scoped hot and cold (archive) zones, enabling custom DLM/ILM solutions
  • Sophisticated, out-of-the-box data analytics and AI/ML capabilities powered by Databricks platform
  • Customizable data warehouse solution powered by Hive Metastore and Databricks platform
  • Automated Installation

Data Platform Configuration

  • Data Source Management
    • Manual and automated schema registration
    • Fully automated resource provisioning
    • Ownership and Access control
  • Project Management
    • Specifying source data source(s)
    • Fully automated resource provisioning
    • Ownership and Access control

Administration Capabilities

  • User registration
  • User role assignment
  • Flexible Role Based Access Control
  • Job Monitoring and Management
    • High-level job tracking and monitoring
    • Self-service analysis and troubleshooting
  • Ingress/egress endpoints (API,J/ODBC), enabling ingestion and data usage by external analytics solutions